(Update) Mortensen on Twitter: Favre Consults Dr. James Andrews


Chris Mortensen just put this up on Twitter:

"Favre has consulted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, regarding his options on biceps/shoulders…should be up soon on espn.com."

That, to me, is the nearest thing we’re going to get to a confirmation that Favre indeed wants to return.  You don’t go to Dr. James Andrews if you’re only going to be riding on your lawn mower, and occasionally heading down to the high school practice field to throw some balls around with the boys.  Now we wait to see what Favre finds out.  It’s previously been reported that, if Favre needs only minor surgery on his shoulder, the Vikings will look to sign him.

Update:  The story finally went up on ESPN.com as Mortensen promised.  It reads in part:

"The source said Andrews and Favre experimented with one of several exercises that could accelerate the process of the tendon releasing on its own. During an interview with ESPN in February, Favre mentioned that he had a partially torn biceps tendon in his left shoulder during his Green Bay Packers career and that the pain subsided once it completely tore naturally.If that fails to produce the desired results, it remains uncertain whether Favre would endure even arthroscopic surgery to prolong his career to a 19th season. A source close to Favre described that as an option but a projected 3-6 week rehabilitation is unappealing to the quarterback, who will apparently require no therapy if the tendon can be forced to tear through the exercise regimen."

Oh come on – if Favre really wants his shot at the Packers as bad as everyone thinks, he will absolutely have a small procedure on the arm, and endure a short rehab process.  He burns to get back at Ted Thompson, remember?  Well, his wife does, anyway.  “Come on Brett pop that thing.  Remember what they did to us.  I mean you.”  Poor guy.

By the way, there has as yet been no Bus Cook comment on the James Andrews story, but when there is, it will read like this:

"Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook is refuting a report that his client has consulted famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews about his injured right shoulder, and that Andrews has been working with Favre on an exercise regimen intended to release the partially torn tendon that contributed to Favre’s poor 2008 season.“I don’t know nothing about any consultations,” Cook told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.  “Brett is retired…as of now.  He is not doing any exercises, unless casting a fishing line is an exercise.”"