Calling All Minnesota Sports Fans


The sports network is in need of some Minnesota fans who have strong opinions about their teams and aren’t afraid to express them via blog.  Our Twins site, Twinkie Talk, is presently without a lead blogger…and as for the Wild and Timberwolves, well, they don’t even have blogs on the network yet.  This is, quite frankly, a sad state of affairs.  If you feel as I do that those teams need – indeed, deserve – representation on the network, why not drop a line to and express your interest in the matter?

I can tell you from personal experience that blogging on the network is great fun.  Not only do you get a forum to express your views, with all that nasty technical stuff taken care of for you, but you also get fantastic opportunities.  I personally have gotten a fair amount of swag out of the deal – Vikings crocs anyone? – and, even better, I got to interview Matt Birk over the phone.  And, as a member of the network, you may get a chance, down the road, to have your work featured on big-time sites.  A lot of the football bloggers, for example, have already gotten their stuff posted on Fox Sports and the New York Times website.

Now, the truth is, the baseball, hockey and basketball areas of the network are not as far along as the football part, so maybe those chances won’t be there right away.  But, if you like blogging your teams, and are willing to put in a little work for nothing much in the way of pay, and enjoy participating in a whole great big friendly community…well, then send that email to and get the ball rolling.  The Twins, Wild and T-Wolves need a presence on the network, and you could be the one to help make that happen.