Percy Harvin Dishes the Dirt on Tim Tebow


I really dig these Bob Sansevere profile pieces, and all the insight they give us into our favorite new Vikings.  This weekend, Sansevere did the one guy everyone’s most curious about, Percy Harvin.  A few of the highlights:

"My biggest pet peeve? You know when girls take a shower and they leave their hair in the tub, or they leave hair in the sink and you go to brush your teeth? That irks me. That disturbs me a lot. The worst thing I did as a kid? My sister is two years older than me. I was about 5 or 6. We had a slanted driveway, and my sister and I were in the car and just playing with the shift. We put it in reverse and we backed up into the neighbor’s house. It ran through the garage, so we had to repair the garage wall. I never miss “Saved by the Bell.” It comes on at different times during the day."

Yeah, that’s all great.  But here’s the line that’s really news:

"If I could trade places for a day with anyone, it would be my old (Florida) teammate, Tim Tebow. Some of the stuff and some of the girls and things that were thrown at him. We saw all kind of actors and news reporters just kind of blatantly say, “Tebow, I want you.” And he turned them down. I’m looking at him, like, “Man, you are crazy.”"

So Tim Tebow has actors and news reporters throwing themselves at him?  Which actors and, most importantly, which reportersErin AndrewsWendy NixRachel Nichols?  Somebody needs to go Dick Cheney on Harvin and get this information out of him.  My money’s on Nix.  She seems like one of those panty-thrower types.