T-Jack Defends Himself


Tarvaris Jackson was already in an awkward position thanks to all the Favre-talk going on…and then Pat Williams made that situation still more uncomfortable by publicly questioning Jackson’s commitment to being a top quarterback.  Now Jackson is trying to defend himself.  The Vikings‘ quarterback said:

"[Pat]’s an older guy, he wants to win. I guess he went through his times growing up and [you] have to figure it out yourself. My first year, I had to figure it out. Now, I’ve pretty much figured it out. I’m studying more. I feel like I’m doing what I’ve got to do and that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. I’ve put the time in, like he said, maybe I do have to put extra time in. I guess when you’re not doing as well you’ve got to put the extra time in. But I feel like I’m working hard. I’ve always been a hard worker."

Jackson also said he would discuss the situation personally with Big Pat.  That should be an interesting conversation.  I’m sure Big Pat will tell him he was only trying to push him to make him better…but I personally don’t think that was Williams’ real motivation for making the comments.  I think he was trying to send a message to the Vikings’ organization, on behalf of all the team’s veterans, about their desire to have Brett Favre lead the offense this year.  I don’t think it’s any big secret at this point that the majority of the long-timers on the Vikes want Favre.  Sure, they’ve done their best to hide their giddiness over the prospect, but they just can’t contain themselves.  They’ve joined the Branch Favreidians too.

Unfortunately, in the end, it doesn’t really matter how bad the Vikings’ veteran players and even the Vikings’ front office want Favre:  it’s all up to Favre’s arm whether he is able to return.  And if it finally turns out that his arm is hamburger and he can’t go?  Then you’ve got an emotionally rattled Tarvaris Jackson and a probably-ticked-off Sage Rosenfels left to compete for the job.  And how does it help the team to put those guys in that sort of position?  Favre tried to tear the Packers apart, and now he’s evidently unwittingly tearing the Vikings apart.  I’m getting to the point now where I wish the guy would just go the hell away.  Fun’s fun, but when it gets down to teammates ripping teammates, you’re risking serious consequences.