Jay Cutler Making Life Difficult for Himself With Bears Fans


New Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler needs to take a few courses in public relations:

"I know Cutler already has alienated enough small pockets of fans at various appearances in Chicago to produce a flurry of furious e-mails, such as the one from a guy at Wrigley Field last week who criticized the quarterback for waving off autograph seekers. “His lack of appreciation for fans will be his undoing in Chicago,” Glen. R. wrote me.We’ll see, but if Cutler experiences an undoing in Chicago it will have more to do with the people on the field than in the stands. Generally speaking, the same folks complaining about Cutler’s insouciant behavior will be cheering him on his first 350-yard Sunday.Sure, Cutler could do himself some favors by exuding more charm or suffering the occasional fool with a little less outward disdain. But those who have been Bears fans for two decades, or two generations, need to remember Cutler has been here for two months. There will be — and has been — a degree of culture shock. Denver isn’t Chicago. Eventually, Cutler will adjust because he will learn life is easier that way in this tradition-rich football city. If he doesn’t, then he will get what he deserves."

I’m guessing that Bears fans will like Cutler if they win, and hate him if they don’t.  Actually, I’m not sure about that either – they won with Rex Grossman, made to the Super Bowl even, but still hated Grossman’s guts.  That was of course more about performance than attitude, but still, it matters to make a good impression on the fans, especially when you’re the new guy in town.  After you’ve won them over with your on-the-field exploits, then you can start blowing them off.  Seems like Cutler is just an all-around punk jack-ass, which means he will fit in nicely on the Bears.