Cris Carter Also Has an Opinion on Fran Tarkenton/Brett Favre


Someone finally got around to asking loud-mouth former Viking Cris Carter‘s opinion on the Fran Tarkenton flap.  You’d expect Carter, whose mouth has gotten him in trouble more than once in his life, to have at least a little sympathy for Fran, who has been getting hammered by Viking fans who think he should shut his mouth about Brett Favre.  But Cris doesn’t seem all that sorry for Fran:

"Well for one, as an athlete, there are other athletes out there I wouldn’t say I have the best relationship with based on maybe the commentary you offered on them. No athlete wants to be criticized. I don’t think at any time I ever had a desire to for any athlete to not be successful. I think that’s contrary to our fiber as athletes and sportsmen. To wish bad things to happen to other people, I’ll give you an example, someone like T.O. (Terrell Owens). T.O. and I aren’t friendly. We don’t talk, I’ve been very very critical of him. Now he’s left several teams, when he left San Francisco, I didn’t wish ill will on him in Philadelphia or when he left there ill will in Dallas. I just don’t believe in doing things like that. Number two, the Vikings, they are our team. Just like the Packers, they were his (Favre’s) team. I believe you acquire assets any way that you can get them. If you’re trying to improve the quarterback position, just because a guy played for the Green Bay Packers, if you’re trying to improve that position and you feel like a 60 year old quarterback can help you with a bad arm then you should go out and get him. As far as Brett Favre and what he took the Packers through, now I agree with Fran on that. That was ridiculous."

Carter also went way out on a limb by saying he thinks Brett Favre even injured is better than Tarvaris Jackson.  Cris likes taking those crazy positions, doesn’t he?  Next he’ll tell us that cancer is bad and pain hurts.

I’m personally tired of the whole Fran Tarkenton ordeal, which has served only to divide Viking fans, and make this off-season of hope into one of strife and bitterness.  Of course, it wouldn’t have gotten to this point if so many people weren’t so delusional about Favre.  It’s sad, to me, that so many are so willing to set themselves up for disappointment.  I prefer to take things as they come.  So, if the Vikes get Favre, great; if they don’t, I’m ready to enjoy the season with Sage Rosenfels or even T-Jack at QB.  Unrealistic expectations are just the precursors to frustration and misery.  I think Confucius said that.  Or possibly Dr. Phil.