Brad Childress: "Favre Deadline? What Favre Deadline?"


Brad Childress was interviewed this morning on the unlistenable Power Trip Morning Show starring Mike Morris.  Naturally, the Vikings coach was asked about the Brett Favre situation.  Somewhat interestingly, Chilly completely refuted the recent ESPN story that had him and the Vikes telling Brett Favre to make up his mind about playing by this week or kindly get lost (via Access Vikings):

"“Absolutely not,” there was no deadline, Childress said. “Maybe by [Favre’s wife] Deanna or somebody like that, but certainly not from me. Not even close. Don’t know where that would have dropped out of the sky from.”ESPN posted a story on its website Monday that a deadline had been set for Favre. On Tuesday evening, ESPN reported the Vikings have temporarily suspended their pursuit of Favre after he failed to report to this week’s organized team activities as mandated by Childress. “I don’t know how you guys in that industry go about your sourcing, ‘a source says that a source says,’ I don’t know, it’s questionable, very questionable,” Childress said."

Chilly went on to say that he won’t predict what will happen next with Favre, but did deliver his usual spiel about always trying to improve the team, and said Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson understand this and are fine with it.  Yeah, I bet they’re over-the-rainbow with joy.  And I bet Chilly isn’t the least bit irritated at having to deal publicly with all this rumor and speculation.  Clearly, the organization got tired of so many crazy, apparently unfounded stories being circulated, and decided to dispatch Chilly to just put the crap to bed.  Unfortunately, I don’t think you can necessarily believe anything Chilly says, but whatever.  None of this will be clarified in the near future.  Maybe down the road when Favre or Chilly write their memoirs.