Vikings Brass Speak About Favre


Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress both offered their reaction to Brett Favre‘s comments on Joe Buck Live (neither had anything to say about Artie Lange turning Buck’s show into an episode of Howard Stern).  First Wilf:

"We will do the most we can to get the players we need to be a better team. If that means Brett Favre or means sombody else, we’ll go after them. We’ll just have to wait and see. Right now it’s all up to Brett Favre to determine what his future is."

And Chilly:

"[Favre] said everything that he needed to say. He’s trying to make a push to get back. I know he won’t play unless he feels like he’s capable of playing at level he’s played over the course of his career.There’s no downside to good players. As far as distractions, if distractions are good football players, we’ll take all the distractions."

The fun is all gone from this story for sure.  Once Favre confirmed he was coming back…over.  Nothing but generic statements from here on in.  There isn’t even any fake dirt for Ed Werder to dig up.  And there’s certainly no longer any point in dispatching Rachel Nichols to Mississippi to stand around waiting for Favre to appear, like a Yeti.  That was futile anyway; Favre said on Joe Buck that, when he saw the satellite trucks, he just snuck out of his house through the back door.  ESPN couldn’t figure out that he had a back door?  Now I know how Woody Paige and Skip Bayless remain employed by that network.  They are that clueless.