Jared Allen Annoyed by Favre


For some people there is no downside whatsoever to the Favre saga.  They have convinced themselves that pursuing the quarterback is an absolute good, a necessity and in fact a noble quest the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the days of King Arthur.

Unfortunately, despite the beliefs of these delusional few, there is in fact a negative to the whole affair – the introduction of bad vibes into the Vikings locker room.  The potential for this was already demonstrated a few weeks ago when Ray Edwards (bravely, given the profusion of Branch Favridians out there) spoke out about Favre’s diva reputation and his own hopes that Brett will put that aside for once in his life and try to mesh with the team.  And now another Viking, Jared Allen, has suggested that the whole Favre saga is beginning to wear on the players.

The word Jared has used is “annoying.”  “If we get Brett, then that’s a bonus,” Allen said in an interview. “But let’s either get it done and get moving on with it or let it go.

“It’s not so much that it’s a distraction because we’re professionals and don’t really buy into that. But it’s annoying.”

If Jared thinks the Favre talk so far has been irritating, what about when he actually joins the team, and the flood of media really begins?  What kind of effect will that have on team chemistry?  Especially if Brett behaves in his usual prima donna fashion and begins alienating teammates?

I just hope that Brett is doing this to play football and win, and not as part of some search for personal vindication.  If it’s the latter…well, we’re in for a long, disappointing season.