Is This the Week?


Brett Favre has just a few days left to make good on his promise to let the Vikings know his plans before the start of training camp.  If indeed Brett is a man of his word – and we all believe he is – we should know by Thursday whether he or John David Booty will be sporting the number 4 for the Purple in 2009.

Whether Brett’s agreement to quarterback the team for around $10 million would mean he also agrees to submit to two-a-days is another question.  Brett has been pretty open in expressing his disdain for the grind of training camp, and frankly, considering his age and how hot it gets out there in August, I can’t really blame him.

Brett is a professional quarterback anyway, a veteran of many gridiron wars, and a grand master of the West Coast offense.  So, clearly, he doesn’t need the practice.  Why on earth, then, would the Vikings force him to drag his pushing-40 carcass out there in the heat and humidity of Mankato?

Let the young guys go and sweat and put the work in, and develop camaraderie and chemistry and rapport and all that other stuff.  Brett, meanwhile, can stay in Mississippi…sipping iced tea, taking the lawn tractor out for a spin now and then, and getting his reps with those high school kids who have become his pimply practice posse.

But, some might say, doesn’t Brett need to develop timing with his new receivers?  That stuff is overrated.  Rhythm is “You run fast on your route, I throw it as hard as I can when I’m ready to throw it.”  And if the ball happens to miss the intended target?  It must be the offensive line’s fault for not giving Brett enough time.  It must be the coach’s fault for calling the wrong play.  It must be the wind, or the crown in the field.

Brett Favre is infallible, and the infallible don’t need practice.  You think the Pope puts any effort into devising his edicts?  Why would he, when he’s incapable of making a mistake?

No, Brett Favre doesn’t need training camp.  But, because we know that Brett is indeed a man of integrity who never goes back on anything he says, we can rest assured he will stick to his promise, and make his plans known before Thursday, even if he doesn’t intend on showing up for camp himself.  That’s just the kind of selfless, team-first guy Brett is.