Vikings Forced to Issue Vick Denials


Reports issuing forth from the mouth of Fox Sports’ Chris Myers have touched off a round of new quarterback-related chaos in Minnesota.  And it’s not Brett Favre in the middle this time – it’s Michael Vick.

The fun got started this afternoon when Myers said on the radio that the Vikings had made inquiries to the league about Vick’s status, and specifically, what the chances were that he might be allowed to play before Week 6 when his little probation period is scheduled to expire.  Reporters had no choice but to bring the report up during the team’s first official training camp press conference.  Owner Zygi Wilf was quick to shoot down any Vick rumors, saying, “”Do you need a denial?  I’m denying it.”

A little later, Vick was brought up to Brad Childress, who tried to laugh it off, jokingly asking for a “source” for the story.  So, Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress have both denied the Vikings are in pursuit of Michael Vick.

I personally don’t know where these stories come from, but this one is especially absurd.  Michael Vick, as Jared Allen pointed out the other night on KFAN‘s Bumper to Bumper show with Dan Barreiro, is not a good fit for Minnesota.  The Vikings are poised for a championship run (or think they are, anyway) and don’t need some guy coming in cold off the street, who hasn’t played in two years, and is going to bring with him a negative PR blitz to make any Favre backlash feel minor by comparison.

And as for Vick providing a Wildcat option:  isn’t that what Percy Harvin is for?  Simply weigh risk and reward with Vick and it becomes quite clear that he is not worth it.

Come on folks: It’s time to put the silly quarterback fantasizing behind us and place our faith where it belongs:  in Sage.