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Are the Packers Really After Michael Vick?


Days after Ted Thompson refused to close the door on the possibility of the Packers pursuing Michael Vick, more stories are coming out that indicate the Pack is indeed at least taking a close look at the former Falcons Pro Bowler and latter-day poster-boy for how to ruin a perfectly good NFL career via bad off-field habits.

The Wisconsin State Journal says the Packers have had “legitimate discussions” concerning Vick, and are “doing thorough due diligence” on the player who once walked into Lambeau Field in the playoffs and thumped Brett Favre and the boys  (just like Daunte Culpepper).

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy has tried to throw cold water on the speculation however, saying, “I don’t see anything there. I don’t anticipate anything happening there.  How do you say it? Much ado about nothing.”

Yes Mark, that’s how you say it.

Unfortunately, Ted Thompson, the guy everyone listens to when it comes to the Packers, didn’t say it.  Instead he gave one of those vague Brad Childress-type answers about never ruling anything out and always looking to improve the team.

All of which leaves one big question:  What earthly good would signing Michael Vick do the Packers?

Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good quarterback, last I looked – good enough to give Jay Cutler aka The Golden Pussy Boy a run for his money as best QB in the division.  Clearly, the Pack would not be signing Vick to push Rodgers.

That leaves two possibilities:  acquire Vick as a straight back-up, or acquire him as a slash-type player.  True, the Packers could use a back-up, but there are better, less-PR-nightmarish options out there.  Plus, if the Packers were so worried about the back-ups they have, why wouldn’t they have already upgraded there?

As for Vick in the slash role:  There’s always a chance the Packers are looking to jump on the Wildcat bandwagon, but really, with the weapons they have at receiver, and the quarterback they have chucking the ball, why go down that road?

Considering the Packers are in the middle of a tumultuous transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4 defense, would it really be a good idea for them to also overhaul, or even significantly tweak, their offense?  They’ve got enough on their plate as it is.

Pretty much any way you slice it, signing Vick would seem a bad idea for the Packers.  Then again, they know their personnel better than I do.  Maybe they think Vick would be a fit for what they’re trying to do.

Or, maybe Ted Thompson just figured his team wasn’t getting enough press run this off-season, and decided to stir things up.  Success.