Update: Bobby Wade Spills Beans on "QB Competition"


It was funny when Bobby Wade sold out Brian Urlacher on his less-than-flattering comments about Jay Cutler.  But it was not funny when Wade opened that big mouth of his and let spill his remarks about the quarterback competition in Minnesota.

Or should I call that, “lack of quarterback competition.”

Wade certainly made it seem like that particular vital camp battle was already over.  “Obviously, [Jackson] missed a couple of days so that always plays a toll,” Wade said when asked about T-Jack’s situation.  “You know the timing’s really important for every single one of our receivers, the timing with Tarvaris, and Sage for that matter but especially Tarvaris knowing he’ll be pretty much the named starter going into the season so timing is everything in this offense.”

“The named starter.”  Thanks Bobby for keeping that under your hat.  I’m sure the coaching staff is thrilled with you for exposing their whole open QB competition as a fraud and a lie.

Of course it’s possible that Bobby just misspoke himself.  And it’s also possible that, tomorrow, the sun will rise in the west.

I can see clearly what’s happening here:  Brad Childress still has the same inexplicable hard-on for Tarvaris Jackson, but he knows how sick people have become of this, and so, to lower the heat on himself, he pretended that Sage Rosenfels was brought in for a legit camp battle.

I’m hoping that, at the very least, this situation was explained to Sage, because if not?  Childress is even more of a worm than I suspected.

That must’ve been an interesting conversation, no?  “Well Sage, you see, it’s like this.  I’m going to pretend that I’m giving you a fair shot at a starting job, but in fact, I am going to try to sign Brett Favre.  And then if that doesn’t work out, I’m going to hand the job to Tarvaris Jackson, but tell everyone it’s an open competition.  Of course I expect you to stay quiet about this.  By the way, I’m taping this conversation.  Pay no attention to the shadowy, lurking character in the corner.  Or the mysterious vans parked outside your house.”

Chilly should’ve had a similar talk with Bobby Wade.  He could’ve explained to him about loose lips sinking ships.

Not that this would’ve stopped Bobby from talking.  Some guys just like to talk.  And some guys like to get punched in the face.

Update: Bobby Wade has addressed the original blog, by Star-Trib writer Judd Zulgad, about his controversial remarks.  Basically, Wade denies ever saying what everyone thinks he said.

“Both T. Jack and Sage [Rosenfels] are capable of leading this team to the Super Bowl and that is why it will remain a healthy competition until Brad Childress names the starter,” Wade said by way of clarification.  “I have no clue at this point who it will be. Both players get snaps with all three groups. The ones, twos and the threes. I’m just looking forward to being a contributing piece on this dynamic offense.”

Zulgad has issued an apology for misinterpreting Wade’s remarks.  He didn’t have to though.  All he did was directly quote Wade’s remarks.  It’s Wade’s fault for saying what he said the way he said it.  If guys don’t want to be misinterpreted, they should be more careful what they say.

Bottom line is, Bobby Wade’s big mouth caused trouble.  He needs to zip it.  I’m sure it’s been addressed with him.