Brett Favre Will Sign With the Vikings


The Star-Tribune confirms that Brett Favre will sign with the Vikings and may be on the practice field as early as this afternoon.  After all was said and done, only Jay Glazer knew anything.  Jay Glazer is now the god of football insiders.

Update: Favre is flying in as we speak.  Bus Cook says only the physical stands between him and the signing.  Gosh, would suck if he failed the physical, eh?

I can almost hear the girlish squealing of all the Favreophiles, who now feel vindicated.  Well, you’re not vindicated people.  He could still suck.

Update #2:  What happened to all that crap about Favre not being sure he could make it a whole season?  Did something change his mind?  Or was it all just a ploy to get the media off his back until after camp.  And f it was a ploy, didn’t Childress and Wilf have to be in on it?  So doesn’t that make them rank liars?

I’ll never believe another word that comes out of Brad Childress or Zygi Wilf’s mouth again. They are both frauds.  Now the diva Favre can swoop in and suck down all the attention while the team goes 8-8 and misses the playoffs.

Update #3: Sage Rosenfels has to be the back-up, based on length of contract and money and experience in that role.  Easier to dump Tarvaris since he’s in the last year of his deal.  Still, knowing Childress, I just have a funny feeling Tarvaris remains on the roster.  John David Booty, it was nice knowing you.

Update: #4: If Favre leads this team to a 5-0 start and looks like a Pro Bowler, will my disdain for him turn to love?  Probably.  But I won’t like myself for it.

Update #5:  Favre has landed.  Chilly reportedly embraced him after he got off the plane.  How hard was Chilly at that moment?  Just half-hard or all the way full-staff?

Update #6: Cris Carter says that Favre will start the next preseason game, Friday against the Chiefs.  I’m so glad Cris is here to tell us these things.  Chewie, take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.

Update #7: Had to laugh as Chilly walked Brett into Winter Park over the newly-cut grass.  Brett getting lonely for his lawn already.

Update #8: Chilly and Favre inside Winter Park now.  Chilly showing Favre the special rooms they’ve added on for him, so he doesn’t have to mingle with his lowly teammates.

Update #9: How bad does Favre’s arm have to be for him to fail the physical?  Hanging by a thread or all the way off?