Mark Chmura Tells Us What We Already Knew About Favre


The Vikings and Brett Favre would have us believe that Brett was sitting down there in Mississippi minding his own business, not even thinking of playing again, when Brad Childress called him out of nowhere on Monday and ignited the flames of football passion again.  Of course this is baloney, as everybody, including Favre’s old teammate Mark Chmura, knows perfectly well.

“The only thing I can think is he knew this all along,” said Chmura in an interview with ESPN Milwaukee, “and the only reason he delayed this is because he didn’t wanna go to camp.  And, I don’t know why he doesn’t want to go to camp because the quarterbacks have the easiest camp outside the kickers in the whole deal.  This had to premeditated…”

Chmura went on to say that he wishes Favre had stayed retired, because of the effect this is having on Packer fans.  As if Brett cares about Packer fans.

Another interesting remark from Chmura on the potential locker room stickiness that could ensue because of Favre’s late arrival:  “I would love to be in that locker room when he first arrives ’cause there’s clearly gonna be players in there that are not happy, and it’s not just gonna be the two quarterbacks.  You really form a bond with players in the offseason: in the weight room, spending time with them in the training room.  So, that’s gotta be an awkward situation for Brett.  I can’t imagine he is so arrogant he’s gonna walk in to any situation, any locker room, and think everyone loves him.”

Don’t underestimate Brett’s arrogance, Chmura.