This Might be Why the NFL Doesn't Like Twitter


NFL stars from Chad OchoCinco to Bernard Berrian have spoken out against the NFL’s anti-Twitter policies, with Ocho taking the radical step of deleting his account in protest.

Originally, I was inclined to side with Ocho and Berrian, mostly because I think Twitter is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the antics of those athletes who have adopted the social networking platform.  However, given what Terrell Owens just tweeted, I think I’m beginning to see the NFL’s point.

The tweet, which will become more controversial as the day goes on, concerned the on-going Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn QB drama…a situation Vikings fans have an acute interest in, as we will be playing the Browns this weekend.  It was short, sweet and will probably give Eric Mangini a heart attack when he finds out about it:

"Congrats 2 Brady Quinn 4 starting job w/Cleveland Browns!!"

This raises two questions.  One:  Why does Terrell Owens have inside dope on the Browns’ QB situation?  Two:  Did T.O. let this spill innocently or is he trying to make trouble?

Actually, there’s a third question:  Does T.O. realize that Buffalo is not in the same division as the Browns?  Cause it seems odd that he would be trying to stir things up with a team that isn’t really a rival to his.

Of course, from the Vikings’ side of things, this tweet is completely irrelevant.  Brad Childress is not going to make any adjustments to the practice routine just because T.O. spilled that Quinn will be starting instead of Anderson.  The Vikings will go on preparing the way they were always going prepare.

From the league’s perspective, however, this tweet is probably enormous.  Because it represents exactly the kind of situation they were worried about when they started implementing their restrictive Twitter policies in the first place.

Don’t be surprised if Terrell is ordered by his team, if not the league, to get his fanny off Twitter. And don’t be surprised if every other player with a Twitter account is ordered to do the same.

It was fun while it lasted.