Adrian Peterson is a Car Thief


Adrian Peterson is more than just the best running back – if not the best player period – in the NFL.  He is also an accomplished prankster.

Earlier this week, AD showed off his punking skills…by stealing Sidney Rice‘s Maserati.

Rice told the story on his blog

"Today we had meetings and the receivers and quarterbacks stayed for extra film, so everybody else got out before us. After I walked to the locker room and my phone rang.It was Adrian calling.I answered and he was like, “Hey, I left my other phone by the cold tub, could you grab it for me?” I said yeah. Then he asked if I could bring it over to his house and I said yeah, and he was like, “I know you will.”We always talk junk to each other so I thought he was just playing. I think he said that because he thought I had already been outside to look for my car, but I hadn’t yet.When I went into my locker I couldn’t find my key in the usual spot. I thought maybe I left it in the car this morning so I went out to the lot to find it. I parked right around the corner from the door, but when I walked out there, it was gone.I wasn’t really worried because I knew it had to be someone from the team, because no one else can get into our parking lot. So I had someone drive me up to the staff lot to see if someone had moved it and left it there to play a joke. But it wasn’t up there, and I’m getting really mad at this point.It’s cool to move my car, but to take my car and leave … my brand new Maserati? Not cool.Then I remembered that when AP called he said I would be coming over to his house…I called him and asked if he took my car. He was like, no, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I knew right then that he had it.Part of the joke was that he hid his car key in my locker so I’d be able to drive over to his house and get my car back. I just got that car a couple of months ago, I guess he wanted to drive it.It was pretty funny, but I’m definitely going to get him back. Adrian better be on his toes in the locker room."

The Vikings locker room is clearly very loose.  No sign of schisms.

Of course it helps to be 1-0 with the Lions next up on the schedule.