Bobby Wade Gets in His Digs


Bobby Wade has landed a new gig with the Chiefs.  On Wednesday he met the media, and worked in a couple of obvious digs at the Vikings.

Wade first admitted that he was “caught off guard” by his sudden release, then went with the usual spiel about how it’s all a business and everyone understands that.  He then said that, from what he could see, there was no schism or any other kind of division in the Vikings locker room over Brett Favre.

And then it was on to the shots.

“I want to be part of a program that’s about growing,” Wade said when asked why he chose the Chiefs over the other teams that contacted him (reportedly, the Colts and Titans). “I want to be part of a program that’s excelling, that’s not moving backward but moving forward. I wanted to play with a quarterback that’s going to be here for awhile. Matt Cassel is a proven quarterback in this league and this is his opportunity to really shine.”

Translation:  The Vikings are going nowhere with Favre, who is old and washed-up, unlike the Chiefs who have a young, talented quarterback and are on the uptick.

Dear Bobby:  Vikings 1-0, Chiefs 0-1 (without Cassel, I realize).

Bobby then went after Brad Childress‘s conservative offensive philosophy.  “”There are a lot of opportunities…especially in this offense,” he said. “It’s not run, run, run, run, run. This is an opportunity to have a balanced attack.”

Bobby’s right about the Chiefs.  They stink in the running game and the passing game.  Very balanced.

By the way, if he thinks he’s going to catch more than the 58 balls he caught last year in the Vikings’ “unbalanced” offense…well, he’s just off his nut.