Top 10 Things That Could Ruin it for the Vikings


The Vikings have found some pretty novel ways of losing over the years, including letting Steve Walsh beat them down in a home playoff game.  Here are the top 10 things that could ruin the Vikings’ championship run this time around:

10.  Bernard Berrian letting a Favre fastball go off his hands and right to Terence Newman for a pick-6.  Berrian was a lot better at catching those soft Gus Frerotte lobs, no?

9.  The defensive line playing like the road defensive line even though the game is at home on the fast turf.  The team ends up filing a missing persons report on Jared Allen.

8.  Percy Harvin coming down with a last-minute migraine or, even worse, getting high and forgetting to show up.

7.  Bryant McKinnie whiffing on DaMarcus Ware who proceeds to launch himself helmet-first into the middle of Brett Favre‘s chest, breaking Favre’s sternum and knocking him out for a whole series.  Hey, he’s tough.

6.  Visanthe Shiancoe reverting to the way he was early in 2008 when we were all screaming for the team to cut him.

5.  The defense getting confused and leaving Antoine Winfield one-on-one with Miles Austin on a Go route.  Austin, running only half-speed, gets 15 yards clear of Winfield for the easy touchdown.

4.  Adrian Peterson fumbling, then trying harder not to fumble, then fumbling again, then trying even harder not to fumble, then having the ball squirt out of his hands with such force it shoots like a missile right through the window of Prince‘s luxury box and into his lap.

3.  Felix Jones breaking into the open field, leaving only Tyrell Johnson between him and the end zone.  I think we know who wins that one.

2.  That bullcrap where every time we kick off the return man blows through our coverage like our guys were all hit with a freeze-ray.

1.  Brad Childress.