Brett Favre Talks, We Listen


An unshocked Brett Favre stood before the media Wednesday for his weekly press conference.  Among the issues addressed was whether Favre thinks failing to win the Super Bowl will mean anything for his legacy, which some think was already tarnished after the way things went down with the Jets in 2008.

“People may think I’m pulling their leg, but I really don’t feel like there’s anything left to prove,” Favre declared. “Playing 19 years . . .  people forget that I had success, I’ve been in the Super Bowl. I have to remind them sometimes, ‘Hey, I played in the Super Bowl.’ I played so long I have to re-justify my — I was a pretty good player before, I played in the game before, was fortunate enough to win one.”

If Brett really believes he has nothing left to prove, then he should play nice and easy and without a lick of pressure on Sunday against the Saints.

Thing is, I don’t think Brett really believes that he has nothing left to prove.  It sounds good to say, but we all know what a driven individual Favre is, and how much he feeds on people’s negative opinions of him.

Just ask Ted Thompson what can happen when you get on Brett’s bad side.

I personally don’t like the idea of Brett playing loose and unburdened.  I want him to have a bug up his ass.  He’s better when he has a bug up his ass.

I don’t believe for a second that, come Sunday, he won’t be thinking of the NFC Championship Game he played against the Giants in the bitter cold a couple of years ago.  He’ll be playing that sucker over in his mind for sure, and will want to take out his lingering anger on the Saints.