Prince Writes a Fight Song for the Vikings. Do We Now Deserve to Lose?


Legendary Minnesotan and long-time Viking fan Prince – who I can’t remember ever seeing footage of at a game until this year, but whatever – had a jolt of inspiration after the Vikings vanquished the Cowboys Sunday, and hammered out a new fight song for the team.

Even for a fight song, the words are pretty corny:

Purple and Gold

the veil of the sky draws open
the roar of the chariots touch down
we r the ones who have now come again
and walk upon water like solid ground
as we approach the throne we won’t bow down
this time we won’t b denied

raise every voice and let it b known
in the name of the purple and gold

we come in the name of the purple and gold
all of the odds r in r favor
no prediction 2 bold
we r the truth if the truth can b told
long reign the purple and gold

the eyes say ready 4 battle
no need 4 sword in hand
we r all amped up like a rock n roll band
ready 2 celebrate every score
ready 2 fight the elegant war
ready 2 hear the crowd roar

that’s what we came 4
and so much more
in the name of the purple and gold

r spirits may b tired
r bodies may b worn
but since this day is r destiny
r history – that’s y we must b
4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings’ horn
in the name of the purple and gold

Did Vikings have chariots?  I’m not as solid on my Nordic history as I should be.

Okay, so, the song is no “Little Red Corvette” (thank goodness, or the words would be too full of goofy sexual innuendo to reprint on a family blog), but at least Prince is actively doing something to help spur the team to victory, instead of merely showing up at games because it happens to be the hip thing to do, like all those phonies who pretend-root for the Lakers.

I just hope Prince didn’t jinx us like Eddie Vedder did the Cubs when he wrote that cornball song for them a couple of years ago, that Billy Corgan still thinks got them knocked out of the playoffs.