Bryant McKinnie is Still Trying (in Vain) to Justify Himself


Most of the world has moved on from the big Bryant McKinnie/Pro Bowl controversy, including all the people – like me – who ripped Bryant for his silly and irresponsible handling of the whole affair.

McKinnie, however, is not yet ready to let the matter go, and won’t be until he has put all the haters in their place.

According to Bryant, the haters just don’t understand how much pain he was in throughout the season, and even into Pro Bowl week in Miami.  This pain, Bryant insists, was what finally forced him to shut it down.

Now, Bryant has elaborated on the source of the terrible discomfort that caused him to start skipping practices and meetings, and finally get booted off the Pro Bowl team.  According to one of Bryant’s ever-illuminating tweets, he has been suffering from plantar fasciitis, and has now begun getting treatment to clear up the condition.

And just in case you don’t believe him, he includes a picture from the Florida clinic that has been treating him.

Clearly, Bryant still does not understand the crux of people’s beef with him.  It was never about whether he was injured – it was about the way he handled the whole Pro Bowl week situation.

To reiterate what has already been said too many times:  If Bryant was in so much pain, he never should’ve accepted the invitation to Miami in the first place.  He should’ve dropped out early like all the other guys who dropped out.  He never should’ve gone down, begun going to practices, then just decided to blow it off – and then gotten mad when people began suggesting he wasn’t conducting himself in a very professional way.

Bryant’s insistence on continuing to hammer that one point – I was injured you haters! – without ever addressing people’s objections to his silly conduct proves that he just doesn’t get it.  Becoming defensive every time someone criticizes you doesn’t make you look like a big man with a lot of pride – it makes you look like a big child with no clue.