Free Agency Update: Artis Hicks Gone, Second Kicker on Radar, Old Cornerback


The Vikings are not making the good kind of waves so far in free agency.  As of now, the only news is the loss of top back-ups Chester Taylor and Artis Hicks, a report that the Vikes are mulling adding a kick-off specialist, and another report that they are interested in an old cornerback last seen chasing Adrian Peterson down from behind.

Artis Hicks left over the weekend, signing with the Redskins, who will give him a shot to start.  This leaves the Vikings without their top back-up guard and tackle.

The prospective kick-off guy, Rhys Lloyd, a former Gopher, was scheduled to meet with the Vikings on Monday.  No report on how that went so far.  The Vikes are apparently hoping a kick-off guy could help their weak coverage by putting a few more in the endzone than Ryan Longwell is capable of doing at this point in his life.

Then there’s that old cornerback they may be after, Phillip Buchanon, former Lion, whose 2009 highlight was chasing and catching Adrian Peterson on what looked like a touchdown, and forcing Peterson to fumble.  The Vikes could lose Benny Sapp, which would leave them with old Antoine Winfield, injured Cedric Griffin and green Asher Allen as their top three cornerbacks.


Other rumors:  Willie Parker?  That’s been shot down by Judd ZulgadBrian Westbrook keeps coming up, but who knows.  All I’m sure of is, if the Vikes don’t come out of this free agency period with replacements for Taylor and Hicks and another veteran corner, they will have to be considered a notch worse than they were last year.