More Proof Brett Favre is Coming Back: Vikings and Raiders are Talking Sage Rosenfels Trade


Donovan McNabb said this week that, if the Eagles do decide to trade him, his destination of choice would be Minnesota.

Obviously, this was only wishful thinking by Donovan, and not an indication that any trade to the Vikings is in the works. Because the last time I looked, the Vikings already have a quarterback for 2010, and are simply waiting for him to give his official word.

But this doesn’t mean the Vikings aren’t pursuing quarterback trade possibilities. As a matter of fact, according to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post, Minnesota is doing just that.

In this case, the Vikings would not be bringing in a quarterback, but shipping one out.

Per Lombardi, the Vikes and Raiders have had discussions about Sage Rosenfels, the man the Vikings brought in early last off-season to compete with Tarvaris Jackson – only to relegate him to third QB status after Brett Favre entered the picture.

Lombardi quickly seizes on the relevant point regarding the Rosenfels talks: “Trading Rosenfels would only happen if the Vikings know for certain that Brett Favre is coming back.”

The quarterback picture would certainly clarify immensely if Rosenfels were to be shipped out. My guess is, T-Jack would be signed to a multi-year contract soon after Sage’s exit, the Vikings would go QB in the first or second round of the draft, and then, early in preseason, Brett would make it official.

And Sage, who thought for sure he was finally going to get a shot at a starting job last year only to watch Favre swoop in, would get a shot for real this time, on a team with very little else going for it at his position.

That’s what you call making everyone happy. Well, except for Donovan McNabb, who would probably end up on the Bills.