Is Donovan McNabb’s Trip to Washington Nothing but a Detour on His Way to Minnesota?


After weeks of rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles have finally pulled the trigger on a Donovan McNabb trade. Yesterday they sent the face of their franchise to the Washington Redskins in exchange for a couple of draft picks.

This comes as disappointing news to those Viking fans who still held out hope for a trade sending McNabb to Minnesota.

Maybe these disappointed Viking fans shouldn’t be too disappointed though. Because, if the new speculation proves valid, McNabb could end up in purple anyway, after a one-year stint in Washington.

This speculation – and that’s all it is at this point – has arisen for several reasons. 1: Because McNabb told Eagles brass that the Vikings were his first preference as a trade destination. 2: Because Brett Favre probably only has one more year left. 3: Because McNabb is set to be a free agent after 2010.

But there’s a lot assuming going on here. First, who says Favre only has one year left? If Brett plays well in 2010, and doesn’t get too beaten up, there’s no reason to believe he won’t return for another season.

Second, who says McNabb won’t like Washington and want to stay? With McNabb at the helm, and Mike Shanahan at coach, the Skins could be playoff contenders. Plus, in Washington, McNabb gets two shots a year at his old team – something that probably appeals to his sense of vengeance.

Third, who says there will even be a 2011 season? With the CBA up in the air, lots of crazy stuff could go down, including a season of replacement players, or no NFL at all.

Also worth considering is the Vikings’ draft plan for 2010. If the Vikes do take a quarterback – Colt McCoy say, or Jimmy Clausen if he somehow dropped or they traded up – they might be ready to install that guy as a starter come 2011. Meaning they would not be so keen on making a run at McNabb.

The upshot is that, as natural a fit as McNabb seems in Minnesota, the odds of him ever wearing purple still appear slim.

Then again, I once thought the chances of Brett Favre being a Viking were slim. So…there you go.