Brad Childress Wants a Closer Look at Tim Tebow


Opinion is divided on Tim Tebow. Those who love him point out his fiery leadership ability, his athleticism, his grit and high moral character.

Those on the anti-Tebow side argue that, though he was a brilliant college player, his skills aren’t the kind that would make for a great NFL quarterback.

It is certainly up-in-the-air whether Tebow should be thought of as a legit QB prospect or a mere gimmick player who will never have a major impact in the pros. Hoping to dispel some of this uncertainty for themselves, Vikings coach Brad Childress and members of his staff will reportedly work Tebow out in Florida over the weekend.

Whether this move by Childress signals that he is interested in drafting Tebow with the 30th overall pick in this month’s draft is hard to say. Most experts agree that taking Tebow with a first round selection would be a questionable move at best.

Then again, last year, many people thought it questionable for anyone to consider taking Tebow’s former Gator teammate Percy Harvin in the first round, given the bad vibes swirling around Percy at the time.

Childress paid no attention to this conventional wisdom and drafted Percy. The result? A season worthy of offensive rookie of the year.

Of course, Harvin’s issues had nothing to do with his skills on the field. Once the Vikings convinced themselves he was an okay guy, there was no question he had the tools to make it as an NFL receiver.

That situation is reversed with Tebow. No one questions his character, but many doubt whether his delivery can be refined to the point where he is able to consistently deliver the ball against NFL defenses.

Tebow has worked on his delivery this off-season, but has yet to convince the naysayers that he has done enough to make him a worthy first round pick.

Now, Tebow will get a chance to show that new delivery to a team that most agree is in need of a young quarterback they can develop into a starter over the next several years.

If Childress is sufficiently impressed, the Vikings could be set up to once again take a chance on a Florida star come draft day.