Catching Up: Harvin’s Migraines; Edwards’ Gripe; Jimmy Clausen


Three items for a fine Sunday afternoon:

Via the Star-Trib: Percy Harvin says he’s still having migraines, and probably will forever.

Speaking of headaches: Ray Edwards is unhappy about his contract situation, and has begun using those phrases pro athletes always employ when they are cheesed at the team but want to seem diplomatic. Phrases like, “I want to get paid what’s fair. If it’s here or somewhere else.” Of course it’s not the Vikings‘ fault the CBA expired, leaving guys like Edwards to endure restricted free agency in a year when they were originally set to enjoy the unrestricted variety. The Vikings are simply playing the system as it’s set up for this year: using the $2.5 million first-round tender on Edwards in the belief that no team would be silly enough to give up a first-round pick for him. Now Edwards can either sign the tender, taking much less money than he would’ve gotten as a UFA, or sit out. The Vikes can opt to negotiate a long-term contract with Edwards but, really, what incentive is there for them to do that? Clearly, they are not sure about Edwards as their starting left end of the future. Had they been so, they would’ve given Edwards a long-term deal before he became a free agent, the same as they did with Antoine Winfield, Pat Williams and Kevin Williams. Edwards can gripe all he wants, but, he has zero leverage. A couple good playoff games isn’t enough to make the team suddenly think you’re Chris Doleman.

Third item: Fun with mock drafts…like the Sporting News one that has the Vikings taking Jimmy Clausen. The logic here being that, with the Redskins trading for Donovan McNabb, Clausen may now be looking at a long tumble down the draft. Clausen is an intriguing prospect and the Vikings should take him if he’s there, even if, technically, they have bigger “needs.”