Daunte Culpepper Headed to UFL, Reunion With Dennis Green


For a few years, Dennis Green and Daunte Culpepper made beautiful offensive music together in Minnesota.

Then Green’s insanity – not to mention his failure to win the big one – got him run out of town. A few years later, Culpepper himself suffered a catastrophic knee injury, and tumbled from the ranks of the NFL’s elite.

Daunte’s own ticket out of Minnesota was punched some time after when he made it clear to then-new coach Brad Childress that he had no desire to remain on the team. Since then, Culpepper has bounced from the Dolphins to the Raiders to the Lions – and now the former near-MVP is on the verge of another move.

One that would reunite him with the coach who drafted him into the NFL, the aforementioned Dennis Green.

Needless to say, this reunion will not be taking place with an NFL franchise. Instead, Culpepper and Green will be joining forces in the UFL, as quarterback and coach of the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Green is already a veteran of the UFL, having coached the Mountain Lions, in their former incarnation as the California Redwoods, to a 2-4 record in 2009.

Culpepper won’t have much competition at the QB position when he arrives in Sacramento. A quick check of the current team roster lists no one at the position.

There are some Lions fans who might argue that “no one” would be better than Culpepper. I suspect, however, that the Mountain Lion faithful will come to love the Daunte-and-Denny combo as much as Vikings fans did.

And who knows – if Randy Moss‘s career continues in the direction it seemed to be headed last year, there could be a full Culpepper-Green-Moss reunion tour in the offing for UFL fans in the near future. Now that would be worth the price of admission.