Did Brett Favre Already Have Surgery on His Ankle?


With the possible exception of LeBron James‘ elbow, Brett Favre‘s ankle has been the most talked-about body part in all of sports this summer.

Earlier this offseason, we learned from Favre himself how much the ankle was still bothering him. We were then informed by Brett that, despite speculation that he would need surgery on the ankle to keep playing, there was a possibility that he would be able to press forward without having any kind of procedure.

Long story short, we have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Brett Favre’s ankle.

However, now we have learned that, in fact, Brett may already have had the surgery done, paving the way for him to return in 2010 without concern for pain.

The report comes from Viking Update, who cite a “fellow professional athlete” as a source of information on Favre’s status:

"The player, who has had a prolonged relationship with Dr. Andrews and his staff, called his Alabama clinic Thursday morning to set up an appointment.He was informed that Dr. Andrews was out of town this week and, as part of that conversation, was told that Dr. Andrews was “in Mississippi working with an old quarterback” this week to perform a procedure on a client."

Maybe there is another old quarterback besides Brett Favre who is living in Mississippi and is a patient of Dr. James Andrews. But I doubt it.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the old quarterback referred to by the unnamed source in this story is in fact Favre. In which case, we can also reasonably assume that the procedure in question was performed on the ankle in question.

Not to make too many assumptions all at once, but…it looks to me like Favre is readying himself for 2010. Which comes as no shock to me and all the other people who have believed all along that Favre has no intention of leaving the NFL on the sour note he struck by throwing that final pick in New Orleans.