Jared Allen Wants Brett Favre Back so Vikings Can “Beat the Tar” Out of the Saints


Dan Patrick had newlywed Jared Allen on his show, and of course the discussion turned quickly away from Jared’s new life as a de-mulletted husband and toward the only subject anyone really cares about when it comes to the Vikings: Brett Favre.

Like every other Viking player, Jared said he doesn’t know when or if Brett is coming back.

“You guys probably know more than me,” Jared said. “I get all my news from ESPN. Honestly, I’m probably one of the few players that detaches himself from football when I go into the offseason. Heck, I found out he had ankle surgery on ESPN. My theory is, hopefully he probably would’ve told us already if the answer was no. I’ll be honest, I don’t care when he comes back. Just show up for that opener in New Orleans and we’ll beat the tar out of those guys.”

Patrick then asked Allen if the Vikings can make a Super Bowl run without Favre. Jared replied:

"We have such a great team. There’s not one guy on or team that makes or breaks our season. Brett’s obviously a phenomenal player. He did phenomenal things for us last year. He won us a few games. We’d love to have him back, hands down. But eventually, he’s going to retire and a lot of us on the team are still going to be playing. So we’re going to have to win games without him, whether it’s this year, next year, the year after. Who knows? I guess this has just been my motto forever, and coach [Brad Childress] does a good job of instilling this. You work with who’s there, and at the end of the day the season’s not going to stop. We have to go out and play games, and we have to win."

Well Jared, that was a nice, diplomatic answer. Unfortunately, it was the wrong answer. The right answer to “Can the Vikings win without Brett Favre?” is much shorter and sweeter:


Or perhaps:

“Are you crazy?”

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