Adrian Peterson to Brett Favre: “I Need You Back”


The Vikings‘ chances of winning anything in 2010 without Brett Favre at quarterback hover somewhere between slim and none – and probably closer to none than slim.

Most Viking players have been reluctant to acknowledge this fact – in deference, I assume, to Tarvaris Jackson‘s feelings.  Adrian Peterson, however, doesn’t seem to care how T-Jack and the other QBs feel, and has come right out and said what we know the majority of his teammates are also thinking:  No Brett, no Super Bowl.

When asked about Favre by the Oklahoman, the former Sooner running back said:

"I saw him down in L.A. for the first time this offseason, down at the ESPYs. Looking in his eyes, I got the sense he was coming back. I’ll be going down to his house, telling him, “Favre, I need you back.” I grew up watching Favre. I’m as big a fan of his as the people that’s watching him. People in Green Bay that’s been watching him all his life. Just to have the opportunity to play with him and come up short, it would definitely feel good (if he came back) this year (and we) hoisted up that trophy (together) in Dallas, Texas."

Clearly, Adrian will be crushed if Favre doesn’t come back.  And so, I imagine, will most of the other players.  And Brad Childress and Rick Spielman and Zygi Wilf and everyone else in the Vikings’ front office.

I’d go so far as to say that, if Favre does elect to retire rather than take one more shot, the entire Vikings organization will be utterly demoralized.  After such a horrific blow, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the team fall completely flat and go, like, 6-10.

But thankfully we won’t have to face such an apocalyptic scenario, because Brett will be back.  And if his great admirer Adrian Peterson learns how to pick up blitzes, his old broken-down body might even last the whole season.

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