Brad Childress On Brett Favre, Other Quarterbacks


Camp is set to open Friday, and everyone already knows Brett Favre won’t be there.

If the 2009 timeline plays out the same way in 2010, Brett will remain in Hattiesburg until the beginning of preseason, and will see his first on-field action in the second exhibition game.

This seems to be exactly what Brad Childress has in mind, at any rate.

“Couple three weeks is probably what he needs [to get ready],” Childress told reporters. “The fact that you play [the season opener] three days earlier kind of cuts the window. Usually we go from the fourth preseason game to [having] 10 days out where you get a couple extra work days or rest days or whatever.”

Favre not being in camp of course means that there are only three quarterbacks to split the reps.  According to Childress, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels will go halfsies on the first-team reps, with Joe Webb relegated exclusively to third-team work.

So, T-Jack and Rosenfels will be openly competing for the #2 quarterback slot.  The thing we don’t know yet is what will happen to the man who loses that particular competition.

There has been some feeling that the Vikings would jettison one of their veteran back-ups, most likely Rosenfels, and keep Webb as the #3.  But, as we saw last season, the Vikes have no problem carrying two veterans behind Favre, even if that means paying someone a lot of money to stand there in a baseball hat.

And where does that leave Mr. Webb? If the Vikings like the rookie as much as we’re supposed to think they do, they can always keep him on the roster as a receiver (they were going to use him that way anyway, before they discovered he has an arm like Jeff George).  Or they could try sneaking Webb onto the practice squad – though I imagine, after the Tyler Thigpen debacle, Chilly will be reluctant to attempt that particular move again.

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