Vikings Camp Opens Without Brett Favre


No, Brett Favre did not pull off the shocker move of the summer and report for training camp.

If you have the get out of camp free card, you use it.

No one else on the Vikings has the card.  Not even Adrian Peterson, who showed up on the first day, and spent a lot of time answering questions about fumbling.

“It’s all mental,” the running back told the assembled media.  “Basically, it’s that simple. Just mentally being aware of my surroundings at all times. Knowing guys are definitely throwing those extra punches to knock it out at all times. So just mentally knowing that I have it high and tight at all times.”

While that was happening, Sidney Rice was off to the side somewhere not practicing because he was put on the PUP list with a bad hip.  But don’t worry Purple faithful, Sidney will be all right for the start of the season.  He says.

Joining Sidney on the PUP list is cornerback Cedric Griffin, who is still recovering from a torn ACL.  Not joining Sidney and Cedric on the PUP list was E.J. Henderson, who broke his leg last year against Arizona but is already ready to go full-speed.

Of possible interest to some is the quarterback rotation.  So far, Tarvaris Jackson has gotten the bulk of the work with the first team, while Sage Rosenfels works with the second team.  Joe Webb spent his time working with Jaymar Johnson and the boys on the third team.

There is some feeling that Rosenfels is only working with the second team because he’s being showcased for a trade.  Otherwise minicamp darling Webb and his massive hands would be getting those precious reps.

Also of at least minor interest is Darius Reynaud‘s position at the start of camp.  It’s still running back.  Clearly, the Vikes aren’t that high on their other running backs as pass receivers.

See how valuable Chester Taylor was?  It may take three guys – Reynaud, Ryan Moats and Toby Gerhart – to replace him.

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