5 Questions for Who Dat Dish


In hopes of gaining some insight into the Vikings‘ opponent for Thursday night – that would be the Saints, for those who have been living on Jupiter – I asked Who Dat Dish blogger Keith Null five penetrating questions.  And here are his answers:

Q: We know the Saints are Super Bowl champs, but 2010 is a new season and everybody’s got to start from scratch.  What are your biggest concerns about  the team going into the opener?

A: Returning 20 of 22 starters from last season is a very good start and arguably the defense you see take the field in 2010 should be a much improved unit from last year but if there is one thing you have to point out is how will they respond when everyone is coming for them, ie the hunter has now become the hunted.

Q: Everyone knows the big stars like Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey.  But is there a lesser-known Saints player you particularly like?  An unsung guy who is a personal favorite?

A: Personally I really dig defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove.  He joined the Saints last season fresh out of rehab for drug and alcohol abuse to become one of the Saints best players along the defensive line.  Also there is Pierre Thomas who is never talked about even though he has lead the team in rushing for three straight seasons.

Q:  As a Viking fan, I have absolutely no idea what it feels like for my team to win the Super Bowl.  Is it as amazing as I think?

A:  It is absolutely as amazing as you think.  You simply cannot put into words how it feels for your team to be the absolute best after a lifetime of mediocrity. As a lifelong Saints fans I have been at the butt of many jokes regarding our bottom feeding Saints. Who’s bottom feeding now suckers!

Q:  Admit it:  Some of those hits on Brett Favre last year were dirty.  No?

A:  No I dont think any of the shots were “dirty”. I define dirty as eye gouging. spitting, etc. I would agree that the Saints were vicious in their attempts to get to Favre, but hey that’s football. Did you see some of the hits on Brees including the head hit by 51 (I think Ben Leber)? It happens to say the least but here is a link to a video, not put together by me, on questionable calls in general. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qais_eGMnWk&feature=related

Q:  All right, time to put you on the spot:  What’s your prediction for Thursday night’s game?

A:  Call me superstitious but I never make predictions before games especially when it involves the Saints. I will say I do expect this one to be another instant classic….WHO DAT!

And for my answers to the five questions Keith hit me with, check out his post on Who Dat Dish.

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