Talking about Joe Webb


In this ultra-boring time of the year where it’s a little early to post mock drafts (which will get to sooner rather than later) and the free agency period is currently on hold, we do have a couple of tidbits to pass along on Joe Webb.

Just recently, new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave had the following to say on the ultra-athletic yet raw QB…

“I’ve been impressed with Joe. He’s a great athlete and looks like he’s got some composure and poise to him as well. He made some good decisions and some good judgments. I like the way he climbs up in the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield. Defensive coordinators have a tough time accounting for quarterbacks that can make plays with their legs. He seems to have that demeanor that you look for. I think the team gravitates towards him. I’ve enjoyed visiting with him so far on the phone in the short time that we’ve been here.”

So all nice words to say on Joe. But just then Musgrave goes on to add…

“What is very tough for a young quarterback is reading the defenses in the NFL because they are distinctly different than college defenses, so it’s quite a jump and quite an adjustment.”

Then just today in the St Paul Pioneer Press, Charley Walters states, “insiders say (Webb) is nowhere close to being an effective starter.” Walters has a shaky history of being an accurate source. He was right many times when the Vikings originally coveted Brett Favre, but he’s been wrong before as well. And how seriously can we take a writer who refers to his sources as “little birdies”?

So for now, we’re right back to where we were a few weeks ago. Musgrave’s comments are only so interesting translating to how Webb is seen as a fine prospect who’s not quite ready yet. And of course, more patience needs to be applied determining who will be the Vikings starting QB in 2011. You won’t find them on the current roster.

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