Is Percy Stumping for Plaxico in Purple?


Earlier today Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin tweeted the following…

“Big homie plaxico burress comes home in June… I can’t wait to see my dogg…”

Let the record show that both Burress and Harvin are from the Virginia Beach area and have known one another for years. Plus it’s perfectly normal for players to have friends on other teams throughout the league. And there’s the obvious factor that players rarely have a say in personnel moves. GMs and Coaches make those decisions. About a month ago, Larry Fitzgerald suggested that the Arizona Cardinals should go after Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb to be their signal caller with the Fitz not living up to his potential last season trying to catching dodgeball like passes from Derek Anderson. But ultimately even the All-Pro WR admitted, “I never said anything about what I wanted. We are just out there playing ball, we are paid to do our jobs and that is pretty much what they expect us to do.”

Getting back to the thought of Plaxico in purple… Crazier things have happened if Percy is indeed onto something. Plaxico is a sure bet to be signed by an NFL team when finishing his 20-month prison term for weapons charges stemming from a nightclub incident in NYC. The NFL seemed to enjoy seeing Michael Vick salvage his career after serving a prison term from dogfighting and while Plaxico will be 34 when next season begins (assuming there is one) this is a nation of second chances. The Vikings have also taken chances on guys with character concerns and could be very thin at the WR position if Sidney Rice leaves in free agency.

So as the offseason putters along, keep an open mind on Plaxico Burress. He’d be sure to provide more excitement as an off-the-street free agent signing than Hank Baskett. Unless of course we’re counting Kendra.

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