Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors Fly. Are the Vikings Interested?


Today Adam Schefter tweeted that at least three teams are considering making a trade for Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. This immediately got the attention of Viking fans who are eager to know which direction the team will take in solving their vexing quarterback dilemma (once league business is allowed to resume again).

I’m on record saying I support a push for Kolb – if the price is right.

Unlike most of the potential quarterback options available to the Vikings, Kolb would represent both a short- and long-term solution at the position. If the Vikings go with an older guy like Donovan McNabb they will still be left without a definite quarterback of the future. If they draft another young guy to go with Joe Webb they will have options for down-the-road but no established player to take the reins in 2011. Kolb represents the best of both worlds.

But what exactly is the right price for Kevin Kolb? A second-round pick to me would be reasonable. Kolb has a good skill-set for the WCO and has performed well at times in his career, but is not the kind of slam-dunk player who would warrant a first-rounder going back to the Eagles.

Of course Schefter’s tweet doesn’t mention which teams are interested in Kolb. For all we know the Vikings have no plan to pursue the quarterback. I have to believe, however, that the Vikings are at least considering a Kolb trade. They must realize that, among a multitude of less-than-ideal options, Kolb is one of the most appealing.

If history means anything, I have to believe Rick Spielman is intrigued by Kolb. During his Vikings tenure Spielman has shown a knack for identifying back-up players with the potential to step up to the next level, Chester Taylor, Ben Leber and Visanthe Shiancoe being the most prominent among these. Kolb could potentially join this list of good finds. The only difference of course is that Kolb would require a trade to bring over while those other guys were free agents.

If the Eagles demand a first-rounder as has been rumored, I’m not sure I would be so high on this deal. If the Vikings learned anything from the Brad Childress era it’s that draft picks must not be thrown around lightly. But like I said, if Kolb can be had for a 2nd, I would be all over this. I wouldn’t expect Kolb to quite pull the Vikings even with the Packers and Bears in the NFC North arms race, given the Pro-Bowl caliber talent those teams sport at the position, but he would at least close the gap.

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