Chris Cook Denies Brandishing Gun During Argument


Chris Cook has spoken about what went down Saturday in Lynchburg. The Vikings cornerback admits he got into an altercation with a neighbor but denies ever brandishing a gun as was alleged.

“[The neighbor] lives two houses down from me, we got into an argument, but nobody did anything,” Cook told the Pioneer Press. “I told him I wasn’t going to fight him. He was just trying to provoke me. There was no gun involved at all.”

Nevertheless, the neighbor reportedly went before a magistrate to file a complaint against Cook, claiming a gun was produced during the confrontation. Police arrested Cook and immediately charged him. Police say Cook was cooperative throughout the process. He was not detained.

According to Cook, he was just out riding his bike and hanging with his family when the neighbor threatened to punch him, apparently believing a member of Cook’s family had called the police on his brother. Though Cook does have a license to carry a concealed weapon he says the irate neighbor had “no reason to believe” a weapon was on him at the time.

So basically this whole thing boils down to the neighbor’s word against Cook’s. The neighbor swore before a magistrate that Cook brandished a gun, and Cook is calling the neighbor a liar. Given the other circumstances surrounding the mess – the guy accusing Cook’s family member of calling the cops on his brother and so forth – perhaps the wisest move would be for Chris to not hang out in that neighborhood anymore. He’s got enough money to live far away from people who have gripes against his people. Why tempt fate, is what I say.

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