Randy Moss Would Consider Playing for the Vikings Again (God Help Us)


Things ended on an ugly note between Randy Moss and the Vikings last year, but despite the negativity Randy says he would entertain returning to Minnesota for a third go-around in purple.

“Just to be point-blank and answer the question, I would love to come back to Minnesota,” Moss told KFAN fill-in host and occasional Viking linebacker Erin Henderson during an appearance this morning (via Access Vikings). “I don’t know about what they have in place, their quarterback position. I don’t know about the Williams brothers suspension. I don’t even know where Minnesota would be in Week 6 or Week 7. I’m not downplaying me coming back to Minnesota. There’s a lot of things besides bringing Randy Moss back that has to happen for Minnesota to be successful. But I would entertain coming back to Minnesota.”

Great to know.

Moss also talked about Brad Childress, saying “Me and coach Brad Childress really didn’t have no problems man. I guess I probably said a few things after the New England game that really got my exit out of there very quickly. But I still have love in Minnesota. I’ve grown to love that state, the city of Minneapolis.”

All due respect to Randy Moss, but I do not believe he and Childress had no problems. Reports last year said Chilly was sick of Moss’ antics even before the infamous post-Patriots-game presser where Moss took several thinly-veiled shots at the former Vikings coach. Less than 24 hours after Moss’ comments, Childress stunningly cut him from the team. That move, undertaken without the approval of owner Zygi Wilf, was perhaps the main factor behind Childress’ own ouster from the team a few weeks later.

With Chilly now gone, it seems natural to think the door might be open for another Moss return. However, Childress wasn’t the only one who had problems with Randy’s behavior. Some of Moss’ teammates also expressed disappointment with his comportment, and Zygi Wilf himself was said to be angered by certain Randy-related episodes, including the world-famous Tinucci’s kerfuffle.

As long as Wilf is still owner of the Vikings, and Rick Spielman is still in charge of personnel, I see very little chance of Moss coming back to Minnesota. They got their fill of his shenanigans last year, and on top of that, he isn’t remotely the same player he was during his prime. Randy during his Freak days might have been worth the headache, but Randy the loafing #3 receiver sure as heck isn’t.

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