Rick Spielman: Vikings Zooming In On Five Positions With #12 Pick


Any halfway-attentive Viking fan could tell you the five positions the team should and probably will consider while determining what to do with their first round pick.

Quarterback. Offensive line. Defensive line. Cornerback. Wide receiver.

That’s not only based on need, it’s also based on what might be available. You could add tight end and safety to that list but it’s unlikely a tight end or safety will be there at 12 who is worth taking at 12.

I’m no math major, but by my count, that makes five positions for the Vikings to potentially target.

Rick Spielman isn’t ready to reveal which positions he and Leslie Frazier actually have in mind, but today he did at least confirm the number. It’s five. And like I said before, we already more-or-less know the five. We may confidently assume that the #12 pick will be used on a quarterback, offensive lineman, defensive lineman, cornerback or wide receiver.

It’s the opinion of many that no worthy quarterback will be available at 12, so you can almost narrow that list down to four. And unless Julio Jones somehow slips to 12, there won’t be a receiver worth taking either.

So by this point we’re basically down to 3. And is there really a cornerback worth taking at 12? It would not be a stretch to reduce that list to 2.

Some would argue there’s no offensive lineman who jumps out at 12 either. You can see where this is going. If you insist on placing such a wager – a thing I would never ever advocate – you should probably put your money on the Vikings taking a defensive lineman.

Unless they decide to trade down, in which case, all bets are off. Draft speculation: It never gets tired.

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