Adrian Peterson Doubts The Madden Curse


April has brought us another Final Four worthy of paying attention to. That’s right, Adrian Peterson has worked his way into the semifinals of EA Sports Madden ’12 cover vote. He’s steamrolled through the bracket of 32 so far beating Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Julius Peppers now to face Michael Vick in fan voting. And while it would be normally be enjoyable to see our favorite face on the cover of an immensely popular video game, a dreaded word applies that rhymes with verse.

We’re still all too familiar with the Madden Curse getting the best of Daunte Culpepper. Sans that ludicrous roll he did with his arms, Daunte was the last badass we’ve had at QB. He threw 33 TDs and only 7 picks in his first year as a starter in 2000. But after appearing on the cover in 2002 he threw 23 picks, fumbled more times than any of us can count and was a big cause for a putrid 5-11 record that season. His 2004 season was his last good one, but his knee was destroyed in 2005 and since has been a shell of his former self when he’s not been out of work on the gridiron.

Other players that have been negatively affected by the Madden Curse over the past 10 years have been Shaun Alexander, Eddie George, Marshall Faulk, Larry Fitzgerald, Ray Lewis, Donovan McNabb, Troy Polamalu and Vince Young.

Going back to Adrian, today he took to Twitter to let his thoughts be known…

“I don’t believe n curses! Any type! O u’ll hv bad luck for 10 years if you break a mirror! I’ve not ran across nothing like that n my bible! … I feel as people when can speak good or bad things upon are selves! see so many people believe n it! So they make it a reality! By thinkn it … YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!!! And if you think negative then so be it! But if ur smart n u think positive about whatever the situation might be! … Then your working to better that situation! … The power of the mind is real! God said life and death can come from the tongue! So my advice is, be careful of what you say! … Because you might just make it reality!”

Listen Adrian. I’m very careful in what I’m saying right now. We think the world of you and can’t wait to watch you take the field again to blow by defenders. But if you really don’t believe in curses, go lead the Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl victory and you’ll more adored than any athlete that has ever graced our state. This contest though is not one we want a Viking to win. For once, and once only, we’re pulling for Aaron Rodgers.

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