Adam Schefter Connects Donovan McNabb to the Vikings


The Donovan McNabb talk isn’t going away any time soon. Today Adam Schefter tweeted that he “senses” Donovan would like to play for the Vikings. This a few weeks after Peter King said he believes the Vikings would be a good fit for the disgruntled Washington quarterback.

What else does Adam Schefter sense? A great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced?

Because Adam Schefter is a nationally-known football insider, when he senses something, we listen. And blog.

A few things bear reiteration however. One, the Redskins are reportedly seeking a third round pick for McNabb, though it’s believed they’d settle for a conditional fourth. Two, McNabb is owed $12.5 million in 2011 once his bonus kicks in. Three, the Vikings have gone down this bridge quarterback road a few times, and it hasn’t really worked out.

All that said: A third-rounder isn’t much to give up (it would have to be next year’s third rounder, as there will be no trading for players ahead of this year’s draft unless Visanthe Shiancoe is somehow successful in his campaign to end the lockout). Also, that contract can be restructured. And as for the bridge QB thing: Unless you think Joe Webb or one of this year’s quarterback draft prospects is ready to start, the Vikings are going to need one. I’d personally rather have McNabb as a bridge than, say, Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson.

At this point it’s all speculation. Peter King thinks this. Adam Schefter senses that. Somebody’s tea leaves say something else. I’d like to say I know who is right, but I would be lying.

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