The Viking Age Needs Writers


The Vikings Age is looking to add staff writers. And what exactly does it mean being a staff writer for The Viking Age? Here’s a rundown:

1. You write about the Vikings on a site that gets not-terrible traffic, and has fruitful linking relationships with places like In other words, there is exposure to be had. The good kind of exposure. Not the Bleacher Report kind where everyone thinks you’re an idiot because you write for Bleacher Report.

2. You don’t get paid. I barely get paid, so don’t let it worry you.

3. If I show up at your house at 3 am looking for a place to crash, you have to let me in.

4. You get to be a part of a fast-growing blogging network, and who knows, maybe in the future I will die or get fired and you will become editor.

5. One word: Opportunities. For instance, my current staff writer Jon Merckle recently got a chance to appear on an internet radio show. Also, he and I were recently lucky enough to participate in a conference call with real life Vikings PR assistants. In other words, the team is aware of the site, and has been working with the site. If you happen to live in the Minneapolis area, which I do not, you might even get chances to cover team events in the future (because I can’t drive that far). No promises, but like I said, the site does have a relationship with the Vikings PR department, so if any opportunities happen to come this way, these opportunities could become your opportunities.

6. I was kidding about the showing up at 3 AM part. Obviously, if that ever happens, you should call the police on me for my own good.

So what do you have to do to score an awesome and (I need to reiterate) completely non-paying Viking Age staff writing job? Just email me at with your vital information and a short sample of your writing. Since it’s a Vikings site, make the sample about the Vikings. I’m sure you also have insightful opinions about the Middle East but save those for your application to a political site. If I like what you’re laying down I will get in touch.

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