Tarvaris Jackson Could Have a Home in Seattle


Tarvaris Jackson will not be back with the Vikings in 2011 (thank goodness). But don’t shed too many tears for good old T-Jack. There’s a good chance the one-time Brad Childress protege already has a landing spot lined up.

And no, the landing spot is not on the back of a lawn tractor making circuits around Chilly’s front yard.

Forgive me for doing this, but I now have to cite Trent Dilfer as a source. Yes I realize Dilfer is persona non grata in Viking Nation after the stuff he said about Christian Ponder, but try to bear with me.

According to the Evil Mr. Dilfer, T-Jack’s potential future home is in Seattle, where former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is now working.

” Bevell, now in Seattle, always had an affinity for Tarvaris Jackson. And believe it or not, I think that might be the play here for the Seattle Seahawks — I think it might be trying to get Tarvaris Jackson from Minnesota,” Dilfer told Brock and Salt of ESPN 710 in Seattle. “They’ve always liked him, they liked his starter potential. (Bevell) tried to make it happen for him in Minnesota and that might be the direction they’re trying to go.”

Dilfer then added, “I don’t like that plan, but if that’s their plan and that’s what they’re trying to do, then more power to them.”

A couple shocking things here. One, I agree with Trent Dilfer. Two, it stuns me that after several years watching T-Jack struggle, Darrell Bevell would still be high enough on him to recommend him to Pete Carroll.

Maybe T-Jack owes Bevs some money and Bevs thinks this is the best way to squeeze it out of him?

I could almost understand the move if you were strictly looking for a back-up, but from Dilfer’s words, it seems Bevell still thinks Jackson has a chance to start. How much does Bevell need to see before he figures out Jackson is not an NFL starter?

I always assumed T-Jack and Bevell would both follow their alleged mentor Childress right out of the league. Now it appears both Jackson and Bevell will still have NFL jobs while Childress scrounges around for TV work and the odd gig recreating Major Dad episodes.


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