Pat Williams: “50-50 To Return To Vikings”


The Williams Wall may have one more year in it after all. Per Tom Pelissero on Twitter, Pat Williams now puts his odds at 50-50 towards returning to the Vikings next season. We’d also put the odds at more likely he returns saying things like “He better win, because if he don’t, he’ll get beat up after the fight, too — by all of us” with a handful of Vikings ringside at Ray Edwards debut fight.

What’s ironic about Phat Pat is less than 3 months ago he ran his mouth about the purple saying he “Just don’t trust everybody over there no more” touched on by TVA’s head writer Dan Zinski. Since then Leslie Frazier has said he’d like to get younger along the defensive line, yet Leslie has spoken in glowing terms of Phat Pat to say he’s been great for a coach’s career and is one of the best players in a locker room. And now here we are with Phat Pat’s stance getting almost as soft as run stuffing jelly belly.

And that’s fine by us. As long as Pat is fighting the StarCaps suspension, then it’s a heck of a lot tougher for Roger Goodell to suspend Kevin. Plus the more veterans towards a team that may have one more playoff run in it is certainly a good thing. Christian Ballard would most likely gladly take a season learning from experience. And if folks like Letroy Guion and Jimmy Kennedy look great in backup duty, well then lets be grateful they’re backups. The more assets along a defensive line the better. Hopefully whenever the lockout is resolved, be it late summer, Phat Pat is signing along the purple line ready to rock his #94 jersey yet again.

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