Build me a stadium please.


Arden Hills seems like a good site for a Vikings Stadium.  I can’t deny that.  The Dome and Arden Hills are minutes from my work, and for Arden Hills to be 10 minutes further from the current site of the Metrodome (retracted: Metrodump) doesn’t  seem like a big deal.  The advantage seems to be that the Vikings can continue to play in the dome while the new stadium is built, rather than needing to add additional seats to the TCF Bank stadium and play their while the dome is being retrofitted.  Side note, would I know what retrofitted means unless I was following the stadium situation?

It’s a tossup to me which site I prefer, Arden Hills certainly has room to do whatever you want, build up the area as a Zygetaway, and at this point offers a retractable roof.  On the other side of the coin, Minneapolis, whether it’s the dome or the farmer’s market site, has infrastructure, business, and may even have a downtown casino nearby to make it an attractive destination for many different reasons.  Target field has been a proven winner, the businesses around the field are just packed after games, and I think that adding a new Vikings stadium would keep business thriving for years to come.  The roads don’t need to built, the Light Rail is built, and Minneapolis just has a ring to it when you think of a stadium solution.

It seems like a tough decision to make now will require it be added to a special session, which sounds like a longshot.

Side note: The published photo of Ponder throwing to Rudolph the pass is high, they should’ve re-done the take and it been perfect…Now I question his accuracy after just one throw…of course I am joking, but that thought went through my brain I will not lie.

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