Zygi Wilf Talks Stadium, L.A. Rumors, “Hard Knocks”


A couple excerpts from Zygi Wilf‘s interview with Dave Orrick of the Pioneer-Press. On whether Wilf believes the legislature will take up the stadium issue during its planned special session, and how confident he is something can get done:

"We believe we will be part of a special session discussion. We’ve done our part of everything the legislators have asked of us. We’ve come here with a local partner in Ramsey County and a site in Arden Hills. Now, we’re all working together to come up with a financing plan.We’ve been here once before, five or six years ago. We realize what’s most important is to make sure we have a local partner, and not only do we have a local partner but we have enthusiastic support….But time certainly is of the essence."

On the reported meeting with AEG and all the L.A. rumors:

"When I became owner, that’s the first question everyone asked me: Would I keep the team here? And I always said I was committed to football in Minnesota. In the past, I didn’t have Arden Hills in mind, but the commitment to stay in Minnesota was always a priority and always will be….That’s how I’ve always felt. I’ve never thought of it any other way. I never mean my true feelings to be used for negotiation purposes. I speak the way I feel.As far as the folks from AEG, they were just in town for meeting about the Target Center, which they manage. I spoke to them about needing some sort of sports entertainment model so I can plan this the right way in Arden Hills. There was nothing else to it."

On whether the Vikings would consider appearing on HBO’s Hard Knocks:

"PP: Any talk internally of being the host team for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” reality series?Wilf: We declined.PP: So HBO asked you?Wilf: Yes.PP: Why did you say no?Wilf: We have other issues – the stadium and football – and we need to focus on those."

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