The lockout is really putting a damper on my current offseason, so I’m trying to just put something out there on the slow news that is out there.

ON: “Coach Leslie Frazier said today the Vikings will let Minnesota State University know by July 18 whether they will plan to hold camp in Mankato.”  This was according to a recent Star Tribune article, and I think we will know everything about the lockout and if it is near a close at that time.

ON: Brett Favre is done but can throw the ball as well as he ever has.  However, I believe Goodell told him in so many words that he was done last year, we don’t need anymore weird Twitter Weiner shots (double zinger!!).

ON: Rice/Harvin/Shiancoe:  All 3 of these players disappointed me by not showing up to Ponder’s mini-camp.  Regardless if they came for a day and left, that would’ve changed my mindset.  I don’t think that the significance is career changing for anybody, but I think just as a meet and greet and a chance to throw the ball a little and get to know your teammates is important…especially since your teammates are people you will be relying on to make your life better.  They’ve all talked about getting together with Ponder but it’s a later date, and it seems like they are dragging their feet until the lockout gets settled.  I hope another veteran sets up a camp and they all get their work on.

ON: Ray Edwards…#@!$!#@$#@ him, I hope he signs to a team and is a backup and Robison breaks the sack record.  Ok, both are unlikely, but hey, if Ray can make any random claim, then I can too. Seriously though, I hope he gets TKO’d in his next fight, I don’t like players who come off as selfish unless they are funny and do it, Ochocinco.  Ray Edwards is full of himself and doesn’t seem to grasp the team concept.

ON: The Stadium issue…the rumor is that July 1st is the deadline for the kinks to be worked out with the Arden Hills / Vikings Partnership.  I heard on the way to work KFAN was talking about it and they brought up a good point after 10 years of trying to get a new stadium, we are talking about 130 million dollars to essentially keep the team in MN.  It was well said and is a valid point, we have the majority of financing done for this, and the last thing that is holding us up is a road upgrade that will benefit rush hour traffic throughout the year, as well as be a benefit for the 10 Vikings events per year….let’s get this done peeps.

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