Bored Reporter Starts Brett Favre Comeback Rumor


Gil Brandt must think football fans are all bored because of the lockout. Well, we are bored, but not as bored as Gil thinks. No Gil Brandt, we are not bored enough to wish for new Brett Favre comeback rumors to crop up. But thanks for starting one anyway.

This rumor, amazingly, did not start on Twitter. It actually started in a chat, which is where people used to go for amusement on the internet before Twitter. Here’s the exchange between Gil and a fan (via No Guts, No Glory):

"Fan named Jumbo: Is there a better option for a vet quarterback in Minnesota other than Brett Favre? No free agent out there can throw like him even at his age, build the line through free agency, let A.P. do his thing and not expect Favre to win every game like he was last year. He can still play.Gil Brandt: Well, Jumbo, I think Brett is still a good quarterback, but I’d consider him a descending quarterback. It’s awfully hard for him to go to a team and be a backup. The Vikings must start Christian Ponder this season to get him some experience. And they’re not going to get Favre in there to babysit Ponder.That said, I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning. But I don’t see a team out there that would bring him back as a starter."

The amount of insanity in that exchange is truly astonishing. He can still play? Jumbo, did you watch him at all last year? Even when his body wasn’t broken, his throws were all over the place. And as for mobility…let’s just say I’ve seen roadkill that could move better than Favre.

You expect that kind of madness from a fan, but not a reputable sports reporter like Gil Brandt. But does Gil end the lunacy? No, he ratchets it up. “I’d consider him a descending quarterback.” Yeah you’re right Gil, Brett did a whole lot of descending last year. And then he had to be peeled off the turf and carried to the sideline because he is an old man who can’t play anymore!

Gil and Jumbo must both have amnesia. And so must anyone who allows themselves, even for a second, to think that Brett Favre has anything left to give on a football field. It wasn’t that long ago guys. Him getting crushed by Corey Wootton and everyone thinking he was dead? Why would any team, including the Vikings – especially the Vikings – entertain, even for a second, the thought of putting that defenseless, broken-down old shell of a football player behind center, even in a back-up role?

Gil Brandt certainly realizes how over-the-hill Favre is, which makes his statement all the more unforgivable. Clearly, Gil Brandt was trying to whip up some buzz for himself and his writing. He knew his remark would be picked up by Twitter, then blogs, then the media. Mission accomplished Gil Brandt. You’ve got people talking about you.

Were I one to believe in conspiracy theories, I’d suspect Favre was in on this too. We know how he loves attention! But this time, I think Favre is entirely innocent. Yesterday when this rumor hit and he started getting texts and phone calls, he was probably totally shocked and not a little bit annoyed. Leave the poor man alone to mow his lawn, will you people?

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