Donovan McNabb to the Vikings is in play..."/> Donovan McNabb to the Vikings is in play..."/> Donovan McNabb to the Vikings is in play..."/>

More Sound On McNabb To Vikings


A couple weeks ago the finest Vikings fan-based blogger on the web, Dan Zinski, stated Donovan McNabb to the Vikings is in play. Over this lockout filled summer McNabb’s workout buddy, SI’s Peter King, NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora & everyone of substance at ESPN (Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen and John Clayton) have all suggested that McNabb to the Vikings is very much a possibility. And not one local beat writer has dismissed those reports. Just yesterday LaCanfora said that the Redskins will try to trade McNabb for a late round pick, but ultimately won’t be able to due to McNabb’s bloated contract and will have no choice but to cut him. LaCanfora also says that only a few teams will be interested in McNabb, however league sources say the Vikings would be among them.

The tactic of saying “Give me a late round pick for this player or we’re just going to cut him” never works. Don’t believe me… Here’s an example. Say you live in a frat house. And one of your fraternity brothers has a functional stereo. It’s not the best stereo in the house, does have some wear and tear on it, but overall puts out a decent sound and has some life left. Plus it just needs to be plugged in, whereas you have a newer stereo that you’re still putting together. Well the semester is over and the time has come for everyone to cram as much as possible into their cars and head home. So that specific fraternity brother says to his housemates “Give me ten bucks for this stereo by 5 PM otherwise I’m just going to throw it away.”

Do you give up ten bucks for the stereo knowing that at most one or two fraternity brothers are interested? Heck No! Assets are scarce these days. You simply wait ‘til 5 PM comes, find your former housemates stereo sitting outside on the curb, pick it up for nothing and are set for the next year as you also figure out your new stereo.

Ultimately, LaCanfora is right in saying that McNabb will be released. No way does a team show their hand expressing interest or do the Redskins shell out a $10 million dollar roster bonus. Then expect the Vikings to take a peek outside to their house to see what’s available. And perhaps the sound of this one leads to a few more wins than expected this year.

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